Do you have an hour to spare? Do you like skateboarding? If you answered yes to those questions then lean back, and and prepare to witness a fine example of skateboarding in the late 1970s. This documentary, Skateboard Kings was originally a news documentary from the British television program, The World About Us and snaps a picture of both the rag-tag, rebel skate action of Tony Alva and the Dog Town punks of Venice Beach as well as the cleaner, straight-edge freestyle and slalom action of the La Costa Boys from well-to-do San Diego.

The episode is broken into seven sections  each approximately seven minutes in length.

Featuring skating by:

Tony Alva, Ray Flores, Billy Yeron, Paul Constantineau, Jerry Valdez, Shogo Kubo, Kent Senatore, Ellen O’neil, Bob Mohr, Elen Berryman, Kim Cespedes, Russ Howell, Stacy Peralta, Henry Hester, Bob Skolberg and John Hutson.