At the end of June, 2009 I decided to move from one apartment to another using only a bicycle and trailer as means of transport.  I had a really good time doing so and in 2010 when it came time to move again I thought, “what the hell”, e-mailed some like-minded friends and set out to do it again. 

As is our style we shot a little video, took some pictures, and posted various bits and miscellaneous haberdashery regarding said event to the Twitters, Flickrs, and Internets.

Taylor - Xtracycle Chelsea - Madsen Greg's Surly Big Dummy Taylor - Xtracycle John F - Xtracycle 
Smug Cloud of Cargo Bikes Bed on Taylor's Xtracycle and Burley Trailer Huge folding table on Greg's Big Dummy Casey's Xtracycle Madsen 
Greg - Surly Big Dummy John F. - Xtracycle Taylor's Xtracycle and Adam's motorcycle trailer Sam's DIY Longtail Cargo Bike Sam's DIY Longtail Cargo Bike 
Sam's DIY Longtail Cargo Bike