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The Future of La Grave

thelastchair: (Written by Alastair Instone – November 20, 2016) Many of you know La Grave – you’ve been there and experienced everything that is wild, crazy and weird about it. If you haven’t visited, here’s what you need to know about it: big mountain, big (old, slow) ski lift, 7,000’ vertical drop, no pistes, noContinue Reading

Luc Mehl’s backcountry ski repair kit.  

The Phoenix

thelastchair: (Written by Isaac Walden/Junkshow Media House – November 5, 2015) The inspiration behind the idea was simple, a late night burn out operation around the town of Featherville, Idaho.  Waking up on the dirt, early one morning in a snowpark choked with smoke, a topographic map of the Trinity Ridge Fire with twisted contourContinue Reading

Dolomites, Italy. March, 1939.  Via vintageski.

Studying our snow pit

Taylor getting some early season pow.