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Basic, waterproof fire starting kit.  Simple, yet versatile with built in redundancy.  Wetfire Tinder – x2 Mini Bic lighter – x1 Impregnated tinder tabs – x20 Light my Fire Ferrocerium Rod and Striker – x1 4"x7" Loksak – x1

I worked as a trail dog in Glacier National Park for a couple seasons, built miles of the Superior Hiking Trail as a volunteer, and am an advocate of local trails.  Our local mountain biking coalition, The Dirt Concern employs a Dakine Trail Builder Pack for trail maintenance here in the Gallatin Valley

packconfig: 2000 Landmark Submission: Sam, Project Manager for New Product Development at GORUCK. When we arrived at 2000 followers, I decided to reach out to some of my favourite bloggers and asked them to submit images of their packs for the blog. This submission comes from Sam (Blog: @samh) who works at GORUCK. Here’s what’s in his pack:Continue Reading

Backpacking is the art of knowing what not to take. Sheridan Anderson (via packlite)

My ultralight backpacking rig during my 2007 thruhike of the Pacific Northwest Trail.

Zen Habits posted the “Most Minimal Travel Set Up Yet” that spurred Pack Lite. Go Fast. to post a response.  I thought I’d follow both up with the template I use for one-bag airline travel. Packing: – GORUCK GR1 backpack – GORUCK prototype wallet (ID, cash, credit, atm, insurance, tickets) Clothing: – Altra Superior running shoes –Continue Reading