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Logan Rejoicing atop Rainbow Peak by samh, 2006. 

My 1986 Honda named “Silvia” and I at the Sperry Glacier trailhead, Glacier National Park, 2005.

“Glacier National Park by the moonlight” by j-appleseed 2014.

Seven years ago today I was on day six of my 61 day thru-hike of the Pacific Northwest Trail.  This photo is looking across the North Fork of Flathead at Glacier National Park.  From this point in the hike I would go for days without seeing another soul as I trekked across the barely-populated landscapeContinue Reading

Coal Creek ranger cabin, Glacier National Park, 2005.

We stumbled up on this sculpture in Glacier National Park on a day hike in 2003.  This is possibly an Andy Goldsworthy piece but we had no way of knowing.  

Campfire. Upper Park Creek Glacier National Park, Montana, USA

Logan rejoicing atop Rainbow Peak, Northfork, Glacier National Park, Montana, USA.

Kintla Lake shimmering at the end of a 2004 backpacking trip through the “Boulder Pass Loop” of Glacier National Park, Montana, USA.  

My tent in Dutch Creek of Glacier National Park during ten straight days of torrential downpour that literally left streams flowing all around our “spike” camp.  My spot under this massive evergreen (which I spent about 45 minutes in selecting) stayed dry throughout the entire hitch.