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Looking North from Alex Lowe Basin Gallatin Mountain Range.  

Mike putting his Venture and Spark R&D gear to good use.

Yesterday a skier near Mt Blackmore in the northern Gallatin Range was literally picked up and tossed onto his back by a gust of wind.  One gust hit 87mph.  Photo: B. Vandenbos via

Friends and I on a dawn patrol last week.  The Absaroka Beartooth Mountain range lights up at sunrise in the distance.

Cilogear Worksack, Jones Solution, Burton Driver X splitboarding and camping gear. (edit: Spark R&D Burner binders.)

Kyle and Sam Scoping the summit, Northern Gallatin Range, Montana, USA.

Jon W skinning with Alex Lowe Peak in background.  Northern Gallatin Mountain Range, Montana, USA.

Camp at 9,550 on the NE ridge of Blackmore from a summer ski trip.

Bootpacking to the summit of Mount Blackmore, February, 2010.  The descent was to this day one of my favorite backcountry lines of all time.

Taylor earning his turns in the Northern Gallatin Range.