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Our campfire from the Coeur D’Alene National Forest in Idaho.  Memorial Day weekend, 2014.

Backpacking Light Stealth Nano Tarp along “The Beaten Path” between East Rosebud and Cooke City, Montana.  

My first backpacking trip upon moving to SW Montana.  This photo, titled “Solo at 8,500 ft” was shot at Jerome Rock Lakes, Spanish Peaks of the Lee Metcalf Wilderness, Montana, USA.

Cooking with titanium in the fire.  One of my favorite camp cooking methods is a titanium 2L pot directly in the fire with a DIY aluminum lid and a simple pot gripper for adjusting and removing.  

Campfire, Mirror Lake, Spanish Peaks, Madison Range, Montana.  This is some of the most accessible Wilderness near my home and provides for a great respite.  Here, my wife warms herself by the campfire.  

My tent in Dutch Creek of Glacier National Park during ten straight days of torrential downpour that literally left streams flowing all around our “spike” camp.  My spot under this massive evergreen (which I spent about 45 minutes in selecting) stayed dry throughout the entire hitch.  

Bachelor party breakfast.