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Jon Dub, Fairy Lake Road

Springtime ride up a still-gated Forest Service road and back. Super fun dirt, mud, and snow conditions. Gordie Howe was lovin’ the action too. Here heairs over a fatbike.

December 2009 was the first time I spun the pedal of a fatbike. My brother borrowed one from a friend and one from Surly and we brapped ‘em for a night and a day – hooking me right then and there. Here’s Scott railing one of the Pugsleys

I enjoy refurbishing vintage mountain bikes into practical commuters and picked up this hobby which had laid dormant for a few years again recently.  I completely tore down this gorgeous blacked chrome Schwinn Sierra ca. 1986, re-packed all the hubs, bottom bracket, cleaned every part and did a full rebuild.  Opted for a rear coaster brakeContinue Reading

A nice blanket of snow has fallen over Bozeman and the #ridethruwinter season on my my trusty Surly Troll is on once again. 

My winter commuter and I in November 2009.  

Sketch taken from a page of Bernard Magnouloux’s Travels with Rosinante a journal of a five year, 48,000 mile bicycle trip around the globe.  

My man, sklarbikes has some good ideas.

Via imaginegnat.

The Bozeman Bike Kitchen representing at Bozeman Bike Week 2014 with our Mobile Bike Kitchen.