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I’ve been refurbishing a ca. 1940s Hults Bruks axe head that I’ve re-hung on a new hickory handle.  I took it out and swung it for the first time today and it felt great.  

“First Sunday in camp, Lady Evelyn River"  A camp site in a forest, with a tent, a man standing and another preparing a meal. Hats and boots are drying on the stumps of saplings that had been cut to support the tent. One of a set of photographs from a trip to "Gow Ganda”, MayContinue Reading

Harvey Ward the “Last Shovel Maker” Film by Jack Ofield Producer: Jack Ofield Cinematographer: Richard Francis Sound: Molly Sarret Editing: Jack Ofield< Copyright: 2006 Jack Ofield 10 minutes, Color Original format: Other, 1974 (Source: