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A Statue in Florence

statue florence by samhDOTnet
statue florence, a photo by samhDOTnet on Flickr.

A Ride of Death


A Ride of Death, a set on Flickr.

Bicycling “safety” propaganda.

Hold my beer…

hold my beer

Jr. gave this to me.

On Bike Polo

“There are fewer injuries per beer drunk in bike polo than hardly any sport I’ve ever seen.”
– The Big Guy


From: K. Praslowicz
13:53 (7 hours ago)
Wed, 14 Dec 2011 12:59:54 -0800 (PST)

I was distracted by an Instant Message. When I flipped back to the code I was working on it looked like this. I’m not quite sure I remember typing that at all.

What the hell? Gmail also added a message saying ” Consider including: Sam Haraldson” next to the TO field. Guess I’ll oblige.




Brewed for that wonderful world of leisure

Scanned this from an old magazine some years ago.  I’ve been an Old Milwaukee drinker for the past 15+ years and my pops was an Old Milwaukee drinker from the time I was a little tyke.  I just love the font they use for their logo.

Flavor Country

The year was 1996. The place was Fargo, North Dakota. The purpose… well… we forget.  Anyway, seven of us rented a house together and that legacy lasted in one form or another until 2003.  The rest is history.  Below is a photo from a reunion thirteen years later.

from left to right: Rico, bic_h, paf, Berg, Sideshow Rob, Dr. Anderbody, Swift

Freudian Slip from Today’s Avalanche Report

From the 2012-02-05 Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center Report.

“Yesterday, I took part in the GVSA Porker Ride on Buck Ridge. The weather was great and so were the hot dogs.”

I Honestly Love You, and other Country Hits

I Honestly Love You and other Country Hits

Found this record at the local thrift store.