The taped seams on the 25 g/sq. m Cubic Tech fabric of the Gossamer Gear CubicTwinn tarp are really sexy.  Overall it looks like a re-design of the Backpacking Light-designed / Cubic Tech-built Stealth Nano that was released ca. ‘09/’10.

Comparing the two tarps gives me pause over the weight of the CubicTwinn’s construction (e.g. the metal grommet).  I have used the BPL version of this as my go-to solo shelter without any concern for durability so I question whether the GG version is overbuilt.

Gossamer Gear vs. Backpacking Light

length: 117 in. / 108 in.
front width: 110 in. / 102 in.
rear width: 62 in. / 68 in.
weight: 7.00 oz. / 4.95 oz.