2000 Landmark Submission: Sam, Project Manager for New Product Development at GORUCK.

When we arrived at 2000 followers, I decided to reach out to some of my favourite bloggers and asked them to submit images of their packs for the blog. This submission comes from Sam (Blog: @samh) who works at GORUCK. Here’s what’s in his pack:

  • ITW Nexus Grimloc
  • Omega Pacific carabiner
  • Rite-in-the-Rain notepad
  • Pen, pencil, Sharpie marker
  • Maratac flashlight
  • DIY Silnylon pouch
  • USB jump drive
  • loose change
  • Prototype GORUCK wallet
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 phone
  • Keys on Metolius FS carabiner with Nite Ize S-biner as alternate
  • Story Kromer wool hat
  • Native Dash XP sunglasses (not pictured)
  • Salomon Quest 4D GTX boots (not pictured)
  • Baladeo 22g pocket knife
  • Gangbusters Pottery coffee mug

I love the mix of elements going on in this configuration. On one side you have some of the staple brands you’d expect to see in a load out: GORUCK (obviously!), ITW, Omega Pacific and Nite Ize attachments, a Rite-in-the-Rain notepad, Sharpies, Salomon’s. On the other side there are some rare or original items like the Silnylon pouch (which looks really nice) and the Prototype GORUCK wallet (don’t get too excited – read Q18 here). There’s also a lovely contrast going on between the virtually bombproof GR1 and the possibly quite breakable ceramic mug! Finally I feel it’s worth drawing your attention to the Baladeo 22g knife which is ridiculously light.

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